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Plant Pathology

The plant pathology department serves the people of the State of Mississippi, more specifically the Delta Region, by helping them better understand the management of plant disease and nematode issues in row crop production systems. This mission is accomplished by research, the distribution of important research findings, and by the formal teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses in plant pathology. Among other things, we study bacteria, fungi, nematodes, plant viruses, the principles of biological control, effective management of plant disease and nematodes of economic concern using registered fungicides and nematicides, disease diagnosis, and plant disease epidemiology. The outreach component of the department is administered through the programs of the Mississippi State University Extension Service by distributing our research results beyond journal publications. Extension education is provided to growers, ag-allied professionals, educators and students, state and federal agencies, and the public through meetings, mass and social media, the internet, diagnostic schools, blogs, written publications, field demonstrations, and participation in local and regional conferences.

Contact: Tom Allen, 662-686-3272 or Tessie Wilkerson, 662-686-3277.

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