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Agronomy and Soil Fertility

The agronomy and soil fertility research group are focused on addressing the needs of Mississippi producers on soils and soil fertility issues in the Mississippi Delta. Even though the Delta is a rich and fertile region of the state, producers are often faced with lime and fertilizer decisions that directly affect the bottom line of their economic enterprise. Much of the research effort over the years has been centered on nutrient management for the row crops including cotton, corn, soybean, rice, grain sorghum, and a few others. While mono-crop culture has been practiced for some years, crop rotations have been re-established as the method of choice for most producers. Rotating crops allow for significant impact on pest management and other factors and can result in yield increases with the same biological inputs. Cotton lint yields have been shown to be increased by 10-16% or more when rotating with corn compared to continuous cotton. In the last decade, the Delta has witnessed a shift from a cotton- based economy to one dominated by grain crops. The overall goal is to increase or maintain yields while significantly decreasing the unit cost of production.

Contact: Wayne Ebelhar at 662-686-3247.

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