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Weed Science

The primary focus of DREC’s weed science research is to create economical weed control programs for farmers in the Mississippi Delta. Every effort in the program, in some way, supports this single mission. The majority of the department’s time is spent on the most problematic herbicide resistant weeds; Palmer amaranth and Italian ryegrass. These two unwanted plants are seasonal with Palmer amaranth’s research being conducted mostly from mid-Spring to late Summer. The majority of the ryegrass research is from late Fall through early Spring. Continued exploration of trying to control herbicide resistant barnyard grass in rice is another area of investigation for the weed sciences department. Weed biology research continues and is always folded back into on-going weed management programs. The fundamental work with new technology in conjunction with chemical companies (examples; the Extend program from Monsanto and the Enlist program from Dow AgroSciences) is also a large part of the research that occurs at DREC. The weed sciences department is also proud of the work that their MSU graduate students perform noting that a significant portion of the research plots are managed by the young researchers.

Contact: Jason Bond, 662-686-3282 or Taghi Bararpour, 662-686-3232.

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