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Ag Economics

The mission for the DREC ag economic group has multiple goals. One of the primary objectives is to support the local scientists at the Station by performing economic analysis for the results of their research. These findings could be related to studies associated with any of the Delta-specific ag commodities in the areas of weed management, insect management, fertility research, plant breeding, overall cropping system research as well as water management strategies. In addition to supporting DREC’s researchers, the ag economic group operates in an economic support role to the area’s agricultural producers, agribusiness and agricultural lending community. These activities include the development of cost of production estimates on the major crops in the Delta as well as collecting and disseminating information related to governmental agricultural policy, water cost analysis issues, and water management strategies. Another objective of this group is to support county-level MSU Extension in the Delta Region by putting together decision support aids to assist local producers in making sound crop mix decisions, farm level decisions related to U.S. agricultural policy decisions, and investment in fixed assets used in farming.

Contact: Larry Falconer, 662-686-3238.