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Capps Entrepreneurial Center

Capps Entrepreneurial Center

Purpose and Building Summary

The Charles W. Capps, Jr. Entrepreneurial Center is located in Stoneville, MS on Mississippi State University’s Delta Research and Extension Center (DREC) campus and was built in 2004. The purpose of the Center is to provide a meeting space for MSU, ARS, Stoneville agencies, and agriculture-related businesses. We do not provide meeting spaces for private parties, reunions, social groups, etc.

It holds 18,000 square feet of meeting space, a 400-seat auditorium, a commercial kitchen, and has distance learning capabilities. The Center is used for a wide variety of functions and is ADA compliant. A registration desk is in place at the west end of the building immediately inside the main entrance. The Capps Center is available to the public for use during the week, weekends, and evenings. The use of this facility is for agricultural research or ag-related businesses only. Parking is adjacent to the facility and security is available on an as-needed basis.

Alcohol nor tobacco are allowed in or around the Capps Center unless authorized by the President of the University.

Capps Room A and B

The Capps Room A and B have a seating capacity of 156 each in their typical configuration. Capps A is normally set up in auditorium-style seating while Capps B is set up with tables and chairs. There is a collapsible wall between Capps A and B so the room can be configured into one large space. Both rooms have a podium with a microphone and a computer with a permanent projector mounted in the ceiling. Additional microphones can be added to either room if needed. There are also long-distance conferencing and recording capabilities in these rooms.

Capps Classroom

The Capps Classroom is similar to Capps A and B but is configured more like a traditional classroom. It has a permanent seating capacity of thirty-three, but additional chairs can be brought in if extra seating is needed. Each seat offers an internet data port as well as an electrical outlet. This functionality is particularly useful when guests use laptops, and they need internet access while at the same time keeping their computers charged.


Capps Kitchen

The Capps Kitchen is a fully functional commercial prep kitchen. Equipment that is available for use:

• commercial ice maker

• two commercial gas stoves; one with six gas burners, one with a griddle

• one large electric griddle

• two commercial electric warming ovens

• one commercial gas convection oven

• two large-capacity commercial refrigerators

• one large-capacity commercial freezer

• commercial mixer

• two warming tables

• multiple prepping stations

• multiple sinks

• miscellaneous kitchen hand tools, trays, bowls, etc.

• multiple coffee makers


Managing an event

To book an event, the Communication Coordinator (Kenner Patton,, 662-394-1919) should be contacted to see if the needed space is available. If space is available, it can be reserved in advance until either the event date is confirmed or until the actual date of the event. No deposit is required for making a reservation. Based on the needs of the event, individual spaces, combinations of spaces, or the entire building can be reserved.

If coffee, bottled water, or soft drinks are needed for an event, the renter is responsible for providing their supplies including condiments for a coffee bar. The Capps Center has several coffee makers and drink coolers, that are available at no charge. There is no charge for ice.

Typically, the Communication Coordinator will remain at the Center during the event. It is the Coordinator’s responsibility to help the event run smoothly and address any facility needs that may arise during the event.

For more information, contact the DREC Communication Coordinator at 662-686-3214.